When I’m Feeling Books Set


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Australian Publisher: The Five Mile Press. Author: Trace Moroney. Includes 8 paperback books with dimensions: 8 by 8 inches.

The Feelings Series is especially designed to help children better understand their feelings and how to identify, manage and express those feelings in an appropriate and acceptable way - both to themselves and to others.

These books provide an invaluable tool to help build confidence, self-esteem and contribute to a healthy emotional foundation upon which children can thrive.

Eack book features questions to the reader, which encourages both introspection and discussion about the emotion described. And, helpful notes for parents and/or caregivers written by a child psychologist.

Titles included:

  1. When I'm Feeling Lonely
  2. When I'm Feeling Scared
  3. When I'm Feeling Happy
  4. When I'm Feeling Sad
  5. When I'm Feeling Jealous
  6. When I'm Feeling Angry
  7. When I'm Feeling Loved
  8. When I'm Feeling Kind