The Other Side of the Story: Fairy Tales with a Twist Set


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Includes 2 hardbound cover books with glossy pages. Dimensions of each book: 10.5 inches by 8.5 inches (big book). Each book has over 120 pages.
Stories included:
1. Cinderella as Told by the Wicked Stepmother
2. Jack and the Beanstalk as Told by the Giant
3. The Little Mermaid as told by the Prince
4. The Three Bears as Told by Baby Bear
5. Little Red Riding Hood as Told by the Wolf
6. Beauty and the Beast as Told by the Beast
7. Snow White as Told by the Dwarves
8. Rapunzel as Told by Dame Gothel
9. Sleeping Beauty as Told by the Good and Bad Fairies
10. The Frog Prince as Told by the Frog