Phonics Tales


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US Publisher: Scholastic. Includes 25 read-aloud paperback storybooks that teach key phonics skills, a teaching guide with over 120 pages, and 1 cd.

Unlock the door to decoding success with this super set that help teach short and long vowels, silent e, bossy r, blends, diagraphs, and more. Each engaging story features phonics riddles and a motivating cheer to reinforce learning. Comes with a big teaching guide filled with tips, activities, assessment sheets, and mini-book versions of each and every tale!

Titles included:
1. The Best Nest
2. Lucky Duck
3. At Home with Mole and Toad
4. Porcupine Pete
5. Bert's Super Circus
6. Stan the Pest
7. Skippy Skunk
8. The Princess and the Pretzel
9. Clark and Cleo's Clouds
10. A Mule Names Sugar Cube
11. Goo, Goo!
12. Ike and Mike
13. Queen Bee's Scream
14. Jake and Jane's Great Race
15. Todd's Odd Day
16. The Little Pink Pig
17. That Cat Max
18. Mouse in My House
19. A Groundhog Named Grady
20. Flora Flamingo Learns to Fly
21. The Trolls Take a Trip
22. Sleepyhead Sloth
23. Chimp and Chick's Lunch
24. Shelly's New Shoes
25. The Thing That Went Thump