Number Tales


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US Publisher: Scholastic. Includes 16 books, and a 120-page teaching guide. Recommended for Pre-k to Grade 1. Content meets NAEYC and NCTM standards.

These rib-tickling stories are specially designed to boost important early numeracy skills by helping children recognize numbers, count, add, subtract, and more. Each tale focuses on a different number or skill, enabling kids to explore it in the form of an engaging story, a hide-and-seek page, and a chant-along cheer. Includes a companion teaching guide packed with practice pages and mini-book versions of every storybook!

Titles included:
1. Zero Spots
2. One Little Egg
3. Two Bunny Slippers
4. Three Bouncing Balls
5. Four Fiddlers
6. Five Shiny Apples
7. Six Cheers for Ladybug
8. Seven Magic Hats
9. Eight Legs Are Great
10. Nine Bright Pennies
11. Ten Fingers Can
12. 30 Mice are Very Nice
13. 100 Wacky Wishes
14. The Ants Go Marching Two by Two
15. The Happy Hippos
16. Monkey’s Missing Bananas