Nonfiction Sight Word Readers Levels A and B Set


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US Publisher: Scholastic. Includes 50 Books, 2 Workbooks, 2 Audio CDs, and Stickers! Each booklet has dimensions of: 6 by 6 inches. Recommended for ages 3-7.

Set the stage for literacy success with these just-right books kids can read all by themselves. The books’ real world topics and simple text are super engaging to make mastering these must-know words easy and fun.

Teaches these sight words: Level A—the, of, and, a, to, in, is, you, that, it, he, was, for, on, are, as, with, his, they, I, at, be, this, have, fun. Level B— or, one, had, by, word, but, not, what, all, were, when, your, can, said, there, use, an, each, which, she, do, how, their, if.