Usborne Wipe-Clean Phonics Set


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Brand: Usborne. Recommended for ages 4-6 yrs old. Includes 4 wipe- clean books with marker. Book dimensions: 11 by 8.5 inches with over 32 pages in each book.

This is a fun set to share with children who are just starting to read and write. The activities are designed to help them learn the letter sounds, and the wipe-clean pages let them write the letters again and again.

Titles included (and phonics discussed):

  1. Phonics Book 1 (s a t p i n m d)
  2. Phonics Book 2 (g o c k ck e u r)
  3. Phonics Book 3 (h b l ll f ff ss)
  4. Phonics Book 4 (j q v w x y z zz)